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Annotation as a service

Send over your data and get it annotated by our team of highly skilled professionals. 


Need help with retraining the AI model?

Let us create the AI model for your use case

Have control over the progress and quality at all times via Flai Web App


Send over the data and requirements

AWS, FTP, OneDrive,...  You can even send the data via post to our address.

We train a subset

Based on the requirements, we add annotations to train the AI model for your use case.

We check the quality together

We constantly perform internal Quality Control in order to ensure good results. Flai Web App gives you access to results at all times - you can monitor the progress and quality. 

We deliver your data

When everything is ready, we deliver results. It can be either a classified point cloud in your preferred file format or a JSON with attributes.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Let's get started!

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