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Model as a service


Our AI models are ready to be fine-tuned to your specific use case, allowing you to quickly and easily leverage the latest advancements in AI to improve your operations, increase efficiency and drive growth.


Lidar Mapping 

(ground, vegetation, buildings, power lines, bridges, vehicles, ...)


(ground, understory, tree trunks, fallen trees, tree canopy, other vegetation)

Mobile mapping

(road, sidewalks, traffic islands, lamps, traffic sings, traffic lights, ..)


Send over the data and requirements
or explore our APIs

AWS, FTP, OneDrive, Rest APIs...  You can even send the data via post to our address.

We process the data

Based on the requirements, we will process the data on cloud services.

We check the quality together

We constantly perform internal Quality Control in order to ensure good results. 

We deliver your data

When everything is ready, we deliver results.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Let's get started!

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