LiDAR mapping

Geospatial AI model for automatic classification of LiDAR point clouds

As part of Flai, we offer pre-trained AI models for common categories and problems, such as wide-area mapping projects, power lines mapping, infrastructure mapping or others.

All models can be easily extended and retrained (AI learning point) for your specific needs by yourself or by our experts.

The geospatial AI (geoAI) model contains the following categories:

  • Ground,

  • vegetation (low, mid, high),

  • buildings,

  • bridges,

  • other man made objects,

  • low points,

  • noise,

  • water.

  • powerlines (coming soon),

  • powerline towers (coming soon),

  • facades (coming soon),

  • roofs (coming soon),

  • roof objects (coming soon).

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