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Flai provides a variety of mining services through advanced Lidar data processing.

Flai offers accurate classification of open mines. This involves processing LiDAR data to identify any changes in the terrain. The benefit of Flai classification lies in good ground detection even in vertical ground.

One of the services offered by Flai is custom trained AI model for Indoor stockpiles classification and monitoring. LiDAR data is classified into two classes of points: the stockpile itself and all other points. This is particularly useful for mining companies that need to keep track of the amount of material they have in stockpiles.

Another service offered by Flai is monitoring of mine tunnel subsidence in coal mines. LiDAR data processing can be used to create detailed 3D models of mine tunnels and monitor changes in their shape over time.

Rodrigo Cordova, Mining engineer at CCM Engenharia, about Flai's solutions:

"Flai has enabled us to handle a larger volume of data without adding more personnel, while maintaining consistent quality in our processing of various types of LIDAR datasets."

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