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Pay for what you use!

Start by creating an account and try out the Flai web application to see how it can help your business. 

Pay only when you download!


Price is based on the volume of data and complexity of the processing flow used. 

Flai Web Application

Value added tax (VAT) not included

Batch Processing

Batch processing for large-scale projects.

Price defined on square kilometer/mile or line kilometer/mile is based on project size, point density, and a number of classified categories.

Contact us on to get the price for your project.

Custom AI

Train your custom AI model specific to your needs with Flai.

Extract specific objects from point cloud with Custom AI model created by Flai.

For more information contact us on

Estimate price 

You can use a simplified pricing calculator to quickly find out the prices of our Geospatial FlaiNet AI model classification. 

Enter the point density (pts/m2) and area (km2) of your point cloud and select the categories you are interested in.

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