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Processing flows

Specify a flow of tasks for automatic processing

Processing flows

Each use case has its own exceptions and requirements. Therefore we let you define the processing flow to best fit you project-specific needs. Workflow is defined through an easy to use drag and drop interface. Different point cloud writers, readers and operators are available. Once the flow is defined, the processing is done automatically and you only need to wait for results. No waking up in the middle of the night to start the next stage! For example, you can define a flow with the following commands:

  • Readers (Point cloud, raster, vector)

  • Point cloud Semantic segmentation AI (4 different classifiaction models)

  • Raster operations (DEM, DSM, Hillshade)

  • Vector operations (vectorization, contures)

  • LOD2 building models

  • Forestry products (canopies, treetops and treetrunks)

  • Point cloud filtering

  • Writers (point cloud, vector, raster)

Each step of the flow has additional parameter to further fine tune the processing. For example, you are able to define how the filtering of the point cloud is done.

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