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Flai - Now you can classify large point clouds with ease. 

Software as a Service for geospatial professionals that value their time and are looking to streamline point cloud processing workflows.

Point cloud classification

AI models for geospatial and forestry

AI learning point for active learning

Web application for processing and  data labelling 

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What We Offer

Sick of annotation tasks and tight schedules?

Use Flai's latest AI models and turn your raw data into meaningful information. 


Software as a service (Webapp)


Processing as a service


Model as a  service


How it works


Point clouds

Retrain AI models


AI models
Web application


Classified point clouds

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As GIS experts for more than 20 years, we recently discovered the power of FLAI’s AI plateform.
It was used for ultra-fast and convincing pointcloud classification for damage mapping after a terrible storm severely hit one of our main city. We had urgent need for this data to manage this disaster and FLAI’s team delivered to our entire satisfaction.
Marc Riedo

Head of GIS,

State of Neuchâtel – Switzerland

The team at Flai understood our needs and produced results with their forestry AI within a short time.

They gave meaning to our airborne LiDAR point clouds and created added value for forest inventory and carbon trading applications.

Günther Bronner

Managing director, Umweltdata GmbH

Prior to using Flai,  it took us 2 weeks of manual classification to get satisfactory results.
After using Flai’s AI algorithms for ground extraction we only needed 1 h to do minor adjustments before delivering the results. 
Florian Fink


Alto Drones SRL


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