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Enhance Your Workflow with Flai's Processing Flow Templates

Flai's web application offers over 28 raster and point cloud flow processing nodes, providing a comprehensive set of tools for your data processing needs. To simplify the creation and organization of your first processing flows, Flai is introducing flow templates. With these templates creating a flow becomes as easy as a few clicks.

To create a flow from a template simply click on “Create new flow” on the project page or click on “Select flow template” at the bottom right corner of the flow creation page.

Currently, there are 7 pre-built flow templates available:

  • 2 forestry classifiers

  • 2 geospatial classifiers

  • 1 combined urban forestry classifier

  • 2 flows that create vector products for forestry

To learn more about Flai forestry products and automatic classifiers be sure to check out our informative blog posts on the subject.

Flow templates
Flow templates

Once you select a flow from a template, it will be created in the flow editor with pre-configured suggested parameters. You just need to edit the input and output flow nodes, and then launch the flow.

If you create your own flow and want to reuse it later, you can save it as a template by selecting the option at the bottom right of the flow editor. Your saved template will appear in both the 'Own' and 'All' categories of your flow templates.

In conclusion, Flai's flow templates offer a convenient and efficient way to create processing flows on the web application. With a wide range of pre-built templates available and the ability to save your own custom flows as templates, you can streamline your workflow and launch processing flows with ease.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, leveraging flow templates can save you time and effort in organizing and creating processing flows.

Explore the variety of templates offered and maximize the potential of Flai's processing capabilities.

 Creating a flow from a template
Creating a flow from a template

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