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Online sharing of point clouds using Flai Web Application

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In today's data-driven world, seamless collaboration and sharing of datasets are vital for efficient analysis and decision-making. Flai, a robust web application, offers a convenient sharing option that enables users to share datasets. In this blog post, we will explore how Flai's sharing feature works and its significant advantages in facilitating data exchange.

How to Share Datasets

Sharing datasets on Flai is easy. Simply navigate to the desired dataset within the Catalogue, or Projects view and look for the sharing icon and click on it.

A dialog box will appear, providing a brief explanation of the sharing option. Here, you can:

  • Enter the recipient's email address.

  • Once ready, click Share dataset to send the invitation link.

haring point cloud data visualization effortlessly using Flai
Share point clouds by entering the email address

Once the sharing process is complete, Flai displays a notification confirming the successful dataset sharing. This prompt ensures you are aware that the dataset has been shared effectively with the intended recipient.

Exploring the Shared Dataset

When the recipient receives the sharing invitation via email, the subject line will be "Dataset Sharing." The email includes an "Open sharing link" button, which allows direct access to the shared dataset.

The recipient doesn't need to log into the Flai web application to view the shared dataset, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

In the shared view, users can explore datasets with a range of useful functionalities. While in View only mode, anonymous users can:

  • Open datasets and employ the powerful 3D tools to measure and perform analysis.

  • Modify display properties to suit their preferences.

  • Any changes made are temporary and discarded after a page refresh.

Opening shared data, visualizing point cloud data, adjusting display settings, and performing measurements.
The person receiving the link can visualise the point cloud, modify display settings, and perform measurments.

Practical Examples of Data Sharing with Flai

Remote Viewing: Not everyone has access to a 3D viewer capable of visualizing point cloud data. Flai's sharing option makes it possible to share datasets with colleagues or stakeholders who lack specialized tools, enabling them to view and analyze the data without any software limitations.

Data Presentation: Whether it's for educational purposes, client demonstrations, or project reviews, Flai's sharing feature allows you to present datasets effortlessly. By sharing the dataset link, anyone can access and explore the data independently, fostering a more engaging and collaborative experience.


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